April 23, 2008

Habs after game rioting

I think it's sad to see what we saw in MTL after the Habs won in 7 against Boston. This was an occasion to celebrate, and a few individuals decided to break things and several people being a little too drunk followed suit. So watching the news yesterday, everyone was complaining where the heck were the cops, and why haven't they learned from the 1993 experience when the habs won the cup. later in the same news there was an interview with minister of public security, and he said "Why are the cops being the ones blamed here, we should blame the instigators of the riot" or something close to that. Well I agree strongly with him, we have to grow up, you don't go out and set cars on fire because your team won a game, or a serie, or a cup, or for crying out loud you don't set a care on fire for just about any reasons!

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