April 8, 2008

Celio Redfly mobile companion

REDFLY - a clambshell laptop like companion to your mobile phone A screen and keyboard teaming up with your mobile phone to give you a better experience. You connect the redfly to your phone, and the driver installs, and voila, you have your screen resolution better than what you would have on your mobile, and a keyboard where you can use more than your two thumbs. Right now it seems like a windows mobile thing only. They seem to think that they can succeed where the Palm Foleo failed(Frédéric Boulanger's Journal: Palm Foleo - does anyone care?)

I wonder if they will do a Blackberry version of this, it would seem like a large enough market. I know the usefulness of such device is very limited, but let's say that I was to use RIM BES, or that the email client on the BB was in fact a good IMAP client, this means the work I do on the BB would be really work, not only an answer to get more information, or just to give an update on where things are with feature xyz. I'm not the best judge of gadgets since I tend to like them all...

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