March 24, 2008 - Put a contract out on yourself!

You know with any significant changes in my life, sometimes I use it as an excuse to let an old habit to creep back in. So with  the arrival of Nathaniel in our little family, well my pop consumption went back up again. I had been good for the last several years sticking to one a day, and now I'm back to several a day. The excuse is I'm tired and I need the caffeine, this is a whole pile of bull, it's the taste, I just like the damn taste. So I decided I was going to reduce the consumption again, and I will most probably use to make it happen. I will commit publicly with a $ figure that will be painful enough to pay out if I don't deliver. So stay tune, my date is May 1st, I'm giving myself a little bit of fun and game until then.

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