March 28, 2008

Microsoft SharePoint is a rocket ship

From Networkworld this platform is becoming a juggernaut, 1B already. My perspective, we've done projects on SharePoint, and we've always ran into some API immaturity. Nevertheless I believe it's a strong platform and a powerful one, MS is making it better with each release. The market can't seem to have enough of it. The projects we have done and are doing are pushing the limit of sharepoint, because we're developing add-ons to facilitate the co-existence of our clients product with Sharepoint. This intersection of two product lines to create something that will leverage each products strength is never a walk in the park. What is required from the two products is not all there, and some serious architecture work must be done to implement the missing functionality on top of the existing API. SharePoint is in the fast lane, and we're right there, and more than ever this is really a fluid environment, one where our creativity is put to test daily.

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