March 14, 2008

LinkedIn Answers addictive new habit to become better in business development?

I just started to look into the Questions/Answers section on LinkedIn. I started by follow up on a few topics. Now not one day goes by without the urge to answer a question, it's addictive. I guess it's the problem solver nirvana that place. On a lighter note hopefully this will cool me down for those meetings where I need to be quiet, I will have answered so many questions already that I won't feel the urge to answer my clients our counterpart. I will be able to practice better the art of the wise sales guy, sit pretty and nod! You may find that funny, but it takes a lot of practice for an engineer or software developer to resist that temptation to answer every darn questions the client has, when you can sound much better by being quiet, or asking a question back. Often it shows in a much more powerful way you really know what your talking about, and this is what differentiates you from the guy before or after you that your prospect is sure to meet.

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