March 24, 2008

important non urgent category

This category is full of stuff for me, and I'm having a tough problem going through it. It takes a lot of discipline to be prepare in advance, but I think it's key to any kind of success. The best way I find to deal with the non-urgent important, is book yourself a meeting with yourself, and treat it as importantly as if it was with your most important customers. In a meeting with your most important customers, I'm sure none of us are checking their blackberry for emails or answering calls, well such is the rule for a meeting with ourselves as well. I like to think that fire alarm is ok, everything else is off. Then, since most of the time I'm not done with what I had set up myself to do, always too optimistic on the time it will take me to do something, so just before my meeting is over, just like with my most important customers ask what should be the next steps, and when should we meet again and then I put another appointment in my cal, and I keep moving the rock forward.

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JC said...

He he he, I do the same!