March 5, 2008

Cebit is a huge show!

Allright it's just mind boggling. 6500 exhibitors and yes 25 pavillions. Get this though the 25 pavillions don't include companies with their own pavillion, like ericsson for example or companies with booths on wheels on an 18 wheelers! So anyway it takes me more time to walk the conference from one end to the other than walking to the hotel.

Lots of companies, and if you're not organized, like thinking you will walk around and see the companies you want you are seriously mistaken. We have this list of companies to meet sorted by halls, this is the only way we will get to meet the people we said we were going to meet this week.

An interesting this is happening with the adsense, but every time I mention cebit the adsense sustem if feeding me bikini, and sexy partners married or not junk adds - so pls don't be offended I have nothing to do with it!


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