March 31, 2008

BlackBerry the start of a new thing - con't

Well I'm happy to report this BlackBerry thing is working out for me. It syncs flawlessly wirelessly and USB. So calendar is wireless, and contacts, todos and memos issues are with USB. Can't wait for Google to get on the get on, and get a real contact DB and todos and notes all syncing wirelessly. The battery life is pretty darn good, compared to what I'm used to, I can go on at least two days of my normal usage and the device battery is not sweating. I even got some applications installed for expenses, and they are working good, the end of the month expense submission is painless. The wifi is not as useful as I would have liked. First I don't think it's possible to connect to wi-fi without being on the EDGE network, but I need to look into this, maybe it's my mistake. I downloaded the Opera mini browser and it works well.

The one drawback is the google IMAP client on the bb, it's not up to par. I can read emails and delete from the device. The syncing from BB to Server is fast, but showing server changes on the BB is very slow. Moreover, I can't move the emails from my BB to their specific folders, so it's not as efficient when I get to my desktop even though I know what I will find in my inbox, the BB doesn't allow me to action it /file it on the spot. Ideally I would like to create tasks from emails, or move them into their specific folders. The gmail mobile client doesn't allow for it either. I don't know why this is not implemented but I could really use it.

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Sylvain St-Germain said...

My solution to the task problem you are describing consists of forwarding the email to my RememberTheMilk address.