February 11, 2008

Time Management - Weekly Review

I'm stressed all the time, and one great way to get rid of a lot of stress at once, is to know that things are taken care of. I don't mean knowing what my team is doing in this particular case, I mean all the stuff I'm supposed to be doing, I need to know it's written somewhere so that I can forget about it, and reminded in due time.

So reviews are a great way to catch things, weekly reviews are recommended by all time management consultants to improve your organization level and decrease your stress.

For me they decrease stress because I get to look at my todo, my calendar, notebooks, you get the picture all the places where I enter information throughout the week to review what's in there. The review process is simple it's all about gathering the items into Outlook, so that then I know it's been processed, and will be "actionned" eventually when it needs to. The freedom I feel when I have done this right, not more than 60min, when I strickly stick to review/manage, and not do or think, is tremendous. I hit the weekend light as a feather.

So why if I think it's so important, and the results are so good on my stress level, do I only get to do my weekly review one week out of three? I keep on booking myself meetings or call during the time I have set aside for my weekly review. It's easy to book there because when I don't have access to my agenda, I know I don't have anything else booked during that time.

I need to get better at getting the review done weekly, it will help me spend better weekends with the family, and help me do my job better. This time I reserve for the review, has to become non negotiable.

Anyhow try it out, let me know. For references on Review, I'm a big fan of GTD as you know already!


Chris Gurney said...

I've got the same problem, Fred: I schedule my Weekly Review every Friday afternoon, but it continually gets knocked out of my calendar. It's definitely my weak point in applying GTD!

This might help:

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