February 18, 2008

Is using a process making you less creative or innovative?

The story is often about getting push back about how a process hinders creativity. Somewhere along the way I think we're getting confused. As long as what a company has in place process wise always encourage the attitude "Do the Right Thing!" I'm all for good processes and automation.

My thinking is that only then can we get people to focus their creativity on what matters most, the mundane and repeatable stuff is taken care of. We're in the business of software creation, innovation - I have to make sure the intelligence of the team is put toward the creation, and whatever else is distraction.

Whatever can be de-risked through a risk assessment - then do it, so that the team focuses on solving the real problems, knowing very well the alarm bells will go off at the right time should they need to. This gives us all the peace of mind to focus and do on what is important.

Can you imagine how fast you would be driving in the city if your car didn't have breaks? One of the reason one can drive at the speed limit, is the fact you can get the car to accelerate and slowdown at will.

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