February 13, 2008

Fastcompany social site - in User experience terms - What about the user needs?

So FastCompany the zine is re-invinting itself as a social play. In a way I'm thrilled because it may be a good place to get some good feedback on questions and ideas since I've been an avid reader of the zine, so I imagine I connect well with the readership of the zine, so value for me!

This morning I setout to register. I was happy to see the questions that members are asking are interesting and I think I can bring something to the discussion. I was also disappointed on the other hand by the approach the site is taking - it's positioning itself as the center of my universe as opposed to be an information source. What I mean by this:

  • why can't I post to my blogs to get them redistributed on their site as opposed to have my fastcompany blog.
  • why can't I subscribe to feeds from my news reader?

They want to make it so sticky that to me they are taking the value away. I want to use my tools and participate where and when I see fit. I don't have time to visit all the sites I'm interested in.

Maybe I miss an obvious way of doing what I'm trying to do, in which case great because I will participate actively, but right now I'm under the impression that my needs as a user aren't met. More customer research and task analysis would have helped them figure my problem.

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