January 30, 2008

if business is like hockey, a good team knows how to get the puck out of the corner!

Last week I posted my impression of doing business in Canada,  and that to be in business you have to want to run fast and want it bad.

Another article along those lines from Pat DiPietro the fact that we may not play to win, we like being liked! and then he goes to explain that when we play and compete in hockey we're a totally different beast, we play to win, we do what it takes to win. So his answer, imagery is "Let's do business like we play hockey. Play to win, expect to win". I like the image.

Business is no picnic, and it's not about being liked, alright I get that. It's also very much about knowing what to say, how much to push, what to ask, and not being afraid to take a chance. So to use the hockey analogy, you have to have the guts to go get the puck in the corners.

I think other cultures like the US are much better at going in the corners to get the puck. I think it's about being decisive, it's clarity over certainty. If I want to be certain, it will take time, and I will probably miss my window. Clarity is about everyone on the team having clear marching orders, and executing. Ok but what if I make the wrong decision, and we're all marching the wrong way - well let's change the decision fast, so being able to revisit and having the robust dialog that goes with it. And this is another thing that the US I think do best, anyway from my experience in the valley, they don't mind being wrong as much, and changing their mind.


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