December 5, 2007

Top 10 con't

Continuing from my initial Top 10 post on what I have learned in 10years at Macadamian, working with leading companies in the world delivering great software products

#3 - People - a second one - communication, transparency, feedback loop. I try to make sure that people know where I stand clearly. I find people appreciate knowing about it. It opens the door to good discussions and get to understand respective's perspectives. When in the unknown, its human nature to assume the worse - so it's important that there is as little unknown as possible

#4 Don't take no for an answer - ok I get to be told no more than my fair share, that's part of the job when selling or in potential partnerships. Well now what I understand is that for all the effort I have put in getting to that no, my counter part owes my an explanation so that I can get better for next time.

#5 Being a start up is no excuse for not making money - as they say rule #1 of business is to be in business. I'm very proud of the fact that we have been profitable since day one at Macadamian. We manage the bottom line, it's not only top line. Even if I'm a startup, what I do has value and there is a price to that.

#6 Being fair (from the one minute manager and Setting the table). Good things, just like not so good things deserve feedback, and quickly, then move on. Supporting a customer, and employee, and team member is to be able to talk about the good and the bad, all the time. Yes there will be conflicts - sort it out and move on.

#7 Stress - oh my Stress - it is stressful, just ask my family I really don't handle stress well, my face becomes expressionless, and my mood in the gutter, and my jaw constantly blocked. For me if things are not organized I get stressed - and it's a big source of stress - so I'm a huge fan of the Getting Things done system, it works for me, and it helps me focus and feel good about what I get around to do during any given day.

#8 Getting involved - I have contacts, I know a few people in and around town, it can be useful to more than business. I'm only starting on this aspect, but I like it.

#9 getting the customers on the bus - this is more or less from Good to Great. The bus is about the team composition, who should be on the team, is like a bus, and if they are in the right seat. Well User Centric Design is taking more and more importance, and it's becoming more and more a factor of success nowadays, so we need to make room for our customers in our bus whatever business we're in.

#10 dealing with problems - there are always problems small and big, it's part of the job. I like the quote "Problems to a business are like waves to surfing" for a canadian version just replace the last part with " snow to ski!"

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