December 20, 2007

Cisco starting to believe in Design!

A New Blueprint for Cisco For some (including me) I say it's about time! for others it will mean oh sh"/$! Cisco executes well, and they are now turning their guns to the consumer market, we can expect them to have challenges, but ultimately big successes, and in the consumer space Design is a very important thing, more than in a backroom full of routers anyway.

Their head of design - Cordell Ratzaff - who used to be at apple says speaking of specs: "It's a 200-page document that nobody reads, but everyone spends four months arguing about. It's like hiring the architect while the cement truck is idling outside."

You got to love that - and moreover they have yet to speak to the owner of the house. Design and users voice go hand in hand - just like one can't ski without snow. Make sure you get the users on your bus!

From a rival CEO - "The question isn't whether they can build a good consumer product," says a rival CEO, who asked not to be named. "It's whether they'd know a good product if it bit them."

Wouhoo! who said one can't drop the gloves once in a while. Competition is doing it already, it's not as if Cisco is trailblazing with their design group, but for them to have someone reporting in the CEO sends a strong message. They understand the game is changing, poorly designed products as we hear from our clients, or products who have their internals exposed to the users are no longer good enough. The industry is maturing, the customers are more demanding, they have other things to do than spending countless hours figuring how to use a product, they just buy one's competing product instead. Moreover it comes down to when does a company really want to get it right with this new revolutionary product? The first time around, not version 3.0, Design is the way to get their, Cisco gets it now!

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