December 3, 2007

10 things I know after 10years

Well I have been in business for 10years this year. I co-founded Macadamian in September 1997. I was asked recently to put a top 10 of valuable lessons I have learned over the years. Let me just say I felt very young and green to be putting this kind of list together. Here we go, I want it down, so that I can comeback to it later.

  1. Understand what I stand for, and where I stand on issues. In other word where I can, and where I can't compromise - my priorities and my goals have to be clear to me so that my decision making is more efficient and so that it's clear to everyone I'm working with how I come about with my decision. (Learned in Debugging the software development process)
  2. People
    1. The saying that A type people hire A type, and B Type hires B type, and that C Type people hire - you don't know what they will hire - it's is true
    2. To Be continued!! - got to go!

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