November 15, 2007

Vegetables and Fruits Stands

In Yerevan again - things are different, but it's not just language, how people look, dress, or the way buildings are constructed. Every where in the city one can find those little vegetables and fruits stands. For one stands it will be a truck full of cabbages, I've never seen cabbages that big, for another one it's going to be pomegranates, bananas and tomatoes on a table. Another one was a table with various vegetables, and then an open car trunk full of apples.

The super markets "à la Canada" they don't exist, or I should say are not nearly as common and much smaller. The fruits and vegetables I'm talking about are the equivalent of small neighbourhood boutiques, it's neat. The customer experience is very personalized, you're likely to live in the same building or neighbourhood as your customers, it's more personal, people talk around the stands while they buy. My armenian is non existent, so people there may just be trading punches about the quality of the products, but somehow I don't think that is what is going on - it's probably more like "how is so-and-so kiddo and his cold, getting any better?"

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