November 22, 2007


Have you ever been in a plane where the minute we touch the gate upon landing, everybody rushes for the aisle and get their stuff out of the overhead bin? The door to exit the plane is not even open, and everyone is inline in the aisle waiting to get out. Now why am I writing about this, it bugs me. The sooner one gets in the aisle doesn't mean one will get out of the plane sooner. People do let you in the line when it starts moving. so why does it bug me? well when you have an aisle seat and the people next to you toward the window pushes on to you to get up and in aisle jungle it bugs me that I have to explain they won't get out quicker if they are in the aisle now versus 3min from now.

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Steve said...


I have often wondered the same thing. As a habitual aisle dweller I have been faced with an impatient seatmate on more than one occasion.

It also amazes me how people suddenly become friendly and start chatting to each other when the plane hits the gate. Ahh the modern business traveller. A subculture unto itself.