October 10, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend

This weekend, my significant other and myself went to NY. We had planned this back in April, using our aeroplan points we booked flights and hotels and off we went. The trip down was stressful, getting in NY is hell, weather, air traffic, can ground you for hours. On top of that we had a connection in MTL - and when we got to MTL, we weren't booked on the MTL to NY flight anymore... we got there and we had planned this weekend to be sigh seeing and good food. Our first restaurant was Babbo. We got there with expectations as high as the empire state building, and they have been surpassed. The food, the service were awesome. The octopus is surreal, the pastas pumpkin (luna) subtle and sweet and so many more. The next day was Mesa grill, this one was a little disappointing, especially after babbo. I think we're both much bigger fans of Italian food than south-west. The food was good, the services was also good. My taste buds are just not as tuned for tex-mex food. I have to say I had a side dish corn and cheese that was very good, the sweetness of the corn and the bitterness of the cheese were a good match. The overall ambiance was very much like a happening place, I could have been in MTL on in a "resto branché" on St-Laurent. Next was Union Square Cafe a NY classic, it's been around forever - since 1985 - it didn't click with the server right off the bat, but the french toast brioche desert was really worth it. Last but not least was Tabla for lunch just before getting flying back. Oh my, what a good surprise. It's too bad we didn't go there for dinner, I'm sure it's amazing. The decor was great, the service top notch, and the food absolutely right up there. I'm not a big fan of fusion food, but here it's american ingredients with indian spices. It's a winning combination, original and well done and very good! Highlights - crabcakes as appetizers were the best I've ever had, veal roulades as my entrée was also excellent. So the ranking - babbo, very close second tabla, union square café and mesa grill. NY is as crazy as one would expect, we walked around town from way down south in financial district all the way up to 125th street, we walked around central park which I hadn't done before and was a pleasant surprise. As Madonna says - Ny is for people who never sleeps! For us we were so full after our dinners and tired of walking that by 10pm I was punching out. great weekend, great souvenirs!

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