October 22, 2007

Outsourcing the User Experience

Software Magazine - Outsourcing the User Experience The author speaks to std outsourcing objections but worth a ready anyway. I find UX an activity that should be outsourced, or companies should collaborate with external blood as often as they decide to do design, even if they have an internal design team. The external perspective from the selected partner, the ability to handle various tasks that would not be done otherwise for lack of staff, the involvement of users - they are all things that will lead to better user experience and better products that users will passionately adopt. Too often designing new products is done in a vacuum thinking we know better than our users - needless to say this is wrong. From a presentation I will be doing in NY this week at Outsourcing World NY - Get your customers on your innovation bus it will yield results. As a business we have business goals, and they don't always mesh with your users goals, it's a fine line to navigate, outside perspective can help turn rocks the internal team doesn't see anymore.

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