September 6, 2007

Palm dumps its hyped-up Foleo

When I read that news - I was pretty bumped, I would have like to give it a shot. I understand though that it's better to kill it now, cut your loss early they say. So i didn't think of the angle Matt decided to take on it. Does it have to cost 10M to figure it's not going to work, absolutely not, read Matt's thoughts, and this is where our strategy comes in, I wrote about it in the past, but I think his point much better articulated.

Basically looking we have to look at innovation as a betting game, or better go with the times - a poker game - raise the stakes as the game progresses, once you have a better idea of the cards you've been dealt, as that time only should one start drooping big bucks on the table. In our jargon - it would mean once you know the prototype rocks from all angles, users, business, technology - you go into the "productization" phase and the winner takes all.

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