September 12, 2007

Macadamian 10years!

As part of the build toward the 10th year anniversary, Gilles, a fellow Macadamians has had the brilliant idea to ask us what were were doing 10years ago. Here is my answer:

"For me I had left Corel a few weeks back - the plan was to take 3months off, then think about what I was going to do. A few days after I had set out to take it easy for a while, Bill Tidd who was still working at Corel dropped me an e-mail - hey way back when I was using hotmail, this crazy free email service people would say - Bill:"Fred I have this project gaining huge momentum, can you come and work for me" - I didn't think for one minute he was serious, I had just spent several hours on the phone with him literally a few days ago, to talk about why I was leaving etc. Bill Tidd is one of the best guy to work with, smart as hell, and straight shooter. I couldn't believe he was asking me to go work with him again, didn't he get it I was done with Corel and the corel craziness. Next thing you know I bring up the idea to Claude Montpetit, "Claude it could be a way to get started on developing a product", Claude was out or almost out of Corel at the time. So I started making a few phone calls, Francis, then St├ęphane, it was just like putting the school ban back together! For the next month or so I was traveling between New-Hampshire and Ottawa on a weekly basis. We finally settled in our existing space in October - a huge 500sq/ft - we're now more than 10,000sq/ft as a reference. So we settle in in our nice space, and the third week we get broken into - the thieves took just about everything, luckily we still hadn't received our brand spanking new dell machines yet. So our home machines got stolen. BTW at the time for connectivity we had an ISDN line 64kbs, our laptops were great machines Eurocom with 64MB of ram, with the random page fault because the two mem sticks weren't the same brand... Great souvenirs..."


Gerry said...

Happy 10th Anniversary, Fred. Has it really been that long? I can't believe I'm still working on that same project.


Frederic Boulanger said...

Gerry - good to hear from you! Yes it has been 10Years, just very hard to believe. I guess for you it must feel like a ton of bricks. It's funny you comment on the 10years thing, because in a little speech I was talking about this guy I was working with at Corel who always spoke in "10 years", as in 10 Years ago I was in BC, 10 years ago I was up north working for mining industry. To me the way you were talking about stuff in terms of 10years, was always very surprising , and my rational at the time was that when you're older(!!!!) you speak that way, now Macadamian has 10years, I guess we're on to speak more like that from now on.