September 24, 2007

Distributed development

Everyday I realize how powerful distributed software development is, or as some may call it Global Delivery Model. Why? 1)it allows us to be even more flexible, I liken it to having several nodes in a network all autonomous and collaborating at the delivery of a project. 2) Ramp up is quick, you find the talent where it is available, we pick from several sites, increasing our odds of finding the right people faster, we're all about jumping right in after all. 3)we get to leverage regional strengths - region X is stronger in embedded, region Y is stronger in something else, go where the talent is, making our team stronger and delivering faster and better for our customers. Last week we held an event in Ottawa on Outsourcing with Fidus, we had a great turnout. The event was about informing people on what Outsourcing is good for, and why do it. My take away is that more and more companies are considering that doing things internally is no longer enough. Meeting a market window can be done with outside help, and just like us we couldn't meet our customer demand without our distributed model, I believe our clients have the same reality, they can't meet the demand without going outside their walls - and this is a good thing, it makes them more agile, flexible and meeting their own customer's needs and makes them more successful, by making them more money!

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