September 23, 2007

Autumn things

September and October are two of my favorite months of the year. The weather is cooling down, no more humidity, and it's enjoyable to be outside. This year is especially special, as September has been amazing weather wise. Autumn is also those sun rays so bright. The contrast are crisp, the water is darker, the light is brighter, the leaves are turning color the gatineau hills are just spectacular. I was biking this early this morning and the scenery was out of this world. I bike in those trails all summer long, and it's amazing how fall can turn things in a way that I felt I had been there before, but it was all different, the valley from the champlain lookout and the ridge trail was a the scene of harvest time. It brings me to the second thing that is so great about fall, all the vegetables ready for harvest, the food we get to cook at this time of the year is unreal. There are so much things to cook so little time! It's time for "canning" things - I got to get this pressure cooker thing for the non acid stuff. Fred enjoying Fall in Ottawa

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