August 23, 2007

Palm Foleo - does anyone care?

Tech Trader Daily - Barron’s Online : Palm Sub-Laptop "Foleo" Delayed, Says Deutsche; Does Anyone Care?: "I wonder how many folks are actually waiting with bated breath for this gadget." I for one, I'm almost ashamed to say, I care. I'm a big Treo fan, running with Palm, I've been a convert since the 600, then 650, now 680. The instant on feature of the foleo, the very small size, and the fact that I have everything in my treo, would allow me to be productive without having to boot the real thing all the time. More and more apps I use are on the web so that's even better, the connectivity with the phone would get me connected wherever I have wifi or phone coverage instantly. I wonder if the settings can be different for the mail app between the treo and the Foleo. On my treo I never download all the emails content from the first pass, on the foleo I would probably want to download them automatically, or at least bump the download limit up. Anyhow is this device going to be commercial success - I don't believe so, even though I will likely buy one...maybe!

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