August 1, 2007

the cost of attracting people in India?

Wall Street & Technology: Blog: Too Soon To Call the Demise of Labor Arbitrage? : "To work on its visibility, GlobalLogic spends $100,000 a month on newspaper and magazine ads." This is a huge price to pay to be able to attract people. For those thinking about setting up in India brand is huge, people want to work for companies with solid brand with strong career path, advancement possibilities up the ying yang for the most ambitious. Small outfits don't fit the bill. This will lead to higher turn over and the demise of the overall investment for the Company. Before setting up shop if your company doesn't have a brand that is known worldwide or if the goal is not to have at the very least north of 750people, your lab will be a small one, , you will have lots of problem retaining talent. Go big or go home or partner with an established player!

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