August 14, 2007

Code Collaborator | Get the Free Book

As you know Macadamian is a big fan of code reviews. We have adopted peer code reviews very early on after working on Wine . At the time we were thinking we were pretty good software engineers so why do we need our code to be reviewed. Well that was before our patches got rejected on the wine mailing list. We were shocked at first, but then we thought if those guys are doing this for fun, and they take this so seriously, what the heck are we waiting for as professionals. So we adapted the process to work in our context and it's now part of our way of work no questions asked. A patch a day keeps the bugs away - we happily sing everyday! (ok we don't sing - we just say it) Well if you want to know more about peer code reviews, what they are , how to do them, what you should expect, how they will improve your organization, have a look at the free book on just that one topic - Code Collaborator our friends at SmartBear have taken the time to write a whole book about it.

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