August 14, 2007

Business is social. — Alec Saunders .LOG

Business is social. — I'm on the fence about facebook vs LinkedIn. I can't say I'm a power user in either of them, nothing like Alec is doing anyway. So my 2cents on this are really worth 2cents. My take on Alec's point that LinkedIn is still just the old boy network, and that facebook is open and much better for business, I don't agree with the way he puts his argument. He says I posted a few problems on facebook and within minutes I had people willing to give me pointers. The help you get on those social network is directly proportional to the cost it will be on the donor. If it's easy and hassle free then you get an answer from Joe, but if it will be expensive in time or in social points he better know you very well before he takes the plunge. In that respect I don't see how facebook is better than linkedin.

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