August 2, 2007

Blog move - updated rss feed, url change

I moved my blog. After thinking about it for a while I decided to bite the bullet. I should have done things differently to minimize disruption of the few readers I have now that I look back. I should have sent a notice on the old blog warning of the move. I wanted to try out new features in blogger and from services on the web leveraging blogger, but my blog setup was too old to take advantage of any of them. I have been using the same setup since 2001 – things change in 6years in technology, they are dog years. So I’m now hosting things on blogspot instead of our own server, and this gives me access to layouts instead of templates. The new feed also comes with the switch, I use feedburner now, my feed is


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I'm slightly confused and I was wondering if you could help... I see that you are using, and yet blogger is not in your url, and also you have Google ads on your site - who gets the revenue from the Google ads - you or Blogger? Thanks (I'm thinking of starting my own blog)

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Frederic Boulanger said...

Justin - give a call we can talk about it @Macadamian