July 23, 2007

Vacation Reading

"Le cinquième Cavalier" is the book I just finished while on vacation. I highly recommend it to anyone who is into reading thrillers. It's certainly in my top 5 now. Rarely have I read a book like this where I didn't have to skip page(s) because I was bored with details. Only a couple of times did I have to skip part of a page. I just couldn't put the book down. It's about Terrorism in NY, but it was written in 1980, at the time atomic attacks were much more on the mind of people, remember the day after kind of idea. So the gist of it - Lybia has got the bomb, and they have got one in the middle of NewYork and they give the US 36hours to get/convince Israel to get out of the occupied territories or they blow up NewYork. Great book, I recommend it to anyone who likes to read a lot in a very short time. I'm sure there is a translated version for it, it sold over 30M copies.

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