July 31, 2007

Romania the place to go!

A story in the G&M a few days ago about Romania being the hot spot for programmers but also the spot of organized crackers. We've been in Romania for over two years, and I've been working with Romanian developers since the early of my career. This is no secret they are smart, capable and hard worker. I wonder what the point of the journalist is when they tie it up with computer crime, who are they trying to inform. The companies setting up shop there like Macadamian, EA, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon clearly thinks the business environment is good and it's worth the investment to learn how Romania works. It's not a too shabby list of companies btw, validating the fact it's indeed worth a look

The ones who will be using this information are the organizations who can benefit from the fact there is computer crime there, they will use it as FUD to discourage any organization thinking of making a go at leveraging great talent, innovating faster, hitting their market window, and releasing great products. It doesn't take much to change someone's mind when that someone is already outside of their comfort zone, ie working for an organization doing things one way considering change.

I have two advices for organizations considering outsourcing - 1)to be trusted vendor involves credibility and reliability - make sure your selection process gives you the answers you need to verify both the credibility and reliability and at that point you will be able to select from the shortlist the one that matches best what is needed for the project at hand. 2) It's not one vendor that a company needs to mitigate risk(whatever they are) and get everything done, it's an eco-system of vendors each bringing a set of strengths making your organization stronger. It may be more overhead but the name of the game is getting the right product of the door, the error margin is narrow, make sure you have the best for the job at all times.

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