July 30, 2007

Nova Scotia is well worth the trip!

For the last two weeks we had rented a house in Nova Scotia, Riverport to be exact, just outside of Lunenburg. The place we had rented was fantastic, the weather was for the most part very good. The whole family, grand parents, etc. We got to enjoy the Ocean, and the great beaches. Depending on what beach you go, the water temperature varies quite dramatically. If you go to Hirtle's beach, the beach itself is magnificent, but the water is quite cold. If you go to Queensland just outside of Hubbards the water temperature is much better, but there are lots of marine plants floating, which can be a turn off at first. The waves are quite impressive, my son and I body surfed, and some of those waves roughed us up pretty bad. Don't miss Chester, and Mahone Bay two very nice postal card type little towns. We went out sea fishing for haddocks and cod, but the experience led me to conclude I'm much more of an earthling than a sea man if you know what I mean. Any was we didn't catch as many fish as we wanted, probably because some of us were pretty darn sick, but we did catch some, and it was enough for a great NS chowder the same evening.

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