July 30, 2007

Education system

An interesting post from Kevin Dee about the skill shortage and our education system. He mentions that Eagle's scholarships aren't cutting the muster, ie not effective at getting kids in tech programs. "For the past several years Eagle has contributed scholarships at three different colleges in Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto. Every year we give 14 scholarships of $500 each in the hope that it will be used to encourage kids into the technology field. I think the idea was reasonable. I think that the execution leaves a little to be desired. Here is how it appears to work …" Throwing money at a problem is not going to fix it no matter how much, it's an important part of the solution, and it's got to be spent right. As a CEO of a huge and successful company like Eagle I'm sure the days are crazy busy, but he would have a huge impact with his credentials if he was getting involved at any level, OCRI, Schoolboards, Province etc. His in insight in the problem would prove well worth the money his company has been given in scholarships over the years. I'm positive it would be a better investment for him. Perhaps I should give him a call to see if he would be interested in what OSC and OCRI and hopefully OCE shortly are doing to raise the level of awareness of tech among kids.

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