July 4, 2007

A cooking magazine for the fans of debugging

Cook's illustrated is the magazine for you. I have been buying the zine for the last few months now. I like it because there aren't huge numbers or recipes in it, but they are very well researched. It's not easy to reproduce something you ate at some restaurant in another country or even at your neighborhood joint. The guys at Cook's illustrated are pulling all the tricks they know and they experiment, and experiment, and experiment again, until they get it right - ie reproduce all the flavors of the original but in a setting you can find at home. One recipe recently they cooked over 100lbs of beef short ribs to be able to explain how to get beef short ribs done à la Korean, using the beef cuts we typically find in butcher shops in North America as opposed to Korea. The results are very good. You have to enjoy reading the trial and error of getting things right, the experimental development various phases. Happy cooking.

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