June 5, 2007

The Sens!

Well the Senators will have to really pull it together, the challenge is huge. The Ducks are showing great character, and outplaying us. As of tonight we're down 3-1, stats have nothing to do with it, but only three teams have ever turned the machine around when down 2-0 in a stanley cup final, the last one was in 1971 and it was the Montreal Canadians. I imagine the odds at 3-1 are even worse. My heart is with the Sens - let's root for them to make history.

On a lighter note, on Saturday I went to the game with two guys from Macadamian, we had decided to draw the tickets we have to the team. So off I go with Vincent and Jeannot - we get there, and we buy 50/50 tickets, something I rarely do. During the game they draw the number, I have all the numbers except for the last 2, I have 63 and the winner is 75, I think that was close, the guy who wone bought shortly after me - guess who is the guy who bought after me? One hint - he is three seats down from me, screaming and his lighten with a bright smile, it's Jeannot - he made a cool chunk of change that night winning the 50/50. It's just like winning the lottery, he didn't go to bed for a really long time, just could not sleep. Awesome, Congrats Jeannot.

On another note I just learned tonight that the reason players are growing beards during the final is not just superstition, apparently the rumor has it - it would have something to do with Lord Stanley himself who had a beard of his own - I don't know if this is true.

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