June 27, 2007

Outsourcing most desirable location - Canada fairing very well

I was at Branding Canada conference late May - one panelist mentioned Canada was known for four things, the four Ms he said 1)Mountains, 2) Mounties, 3)Moose and 4)Maple Syrup - I thought that was pretty funny - but it's no longer true, we should add a fifth one 5) Moutsourcing. Ok bad joke but read on. I was sent an article from the WSJ about outsourcing most desirable locations, and to my big suprise Canada is fairing very well. I was under the impression that no one knew of Canada to start with, so it wouldn't have taken much to surprise me to start with, but to be ranked neck in neck with India this is huge. Next stop for us is to have Macadamian's name added to the list of the 50best managed outsourcing vendors equivalent list for Product Development Outsourcing!

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