May 7, 2007

The stress of exhibiting at a show

All right we're all pumped to be exhibiting at Software 2007 Now get this - the company responsible for putting up the show has mis-placed our booth. They run 12 shows at all time, we shipped our booth several weeks ago, we have a receipt stating they have received, and we're here now to put it up and they have lost the darn booth. To top it off, we had additional roll ups printed specifically for this show, they were sent directly from the company who produced them in Canada to the show - and, drum roll please... they are stuck/lost at the customs. I'm here with Matthew Hately our fearless Marketing guru - he is a happy go lucky kind of a guy, doesn't get frazzled easily - not now - all in all we're both very stressed, and we're working on plan B in case they truly don't find our booth, and rollups don't make it here - This is the kind of story you read in books, not in real life, you know it's possible but it doesn't happen to you kind of thing. The show is tomorrow! arrgh!

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