May 16, 2007

My Portable phone was stolen!

Not lost, stolen, and read on if you want to know how it was stolen. I'm at home it's about 7pm, we're wrapping diner up. I'm with my son downstairs playing a game, Manon is upstairs with our baby girl. Here comes this guy knocking on our door. "Good evening, I know you have a baby, my wife can't breastfeed, I need baby formula for my little 3weeks old, I went to familiprix, my credit card is maxed out, I don't have cash, and they don't want to advance me the money. Would you have some baby formula for me to take?" Sure I do - let me check, I turn around grab it and show him what we have for our little one, then he says "hmm! that won't work I need something or another brand." I say sorry I can't help you. He shakes my hand, says that " it's funny you say cheers! when in fact I mean bye." Anyway, a few hours later, it's time to go to bed, and out of habit I plug in my portable for the night, where is my damn phone, I did a call coming into the house hmm! So I call my cell number and it goes straight to the v-mail. At that moment I clue in - the phone was on the table in the entrance just next to the door, where the guy was standing! He shook my hand, thanking me for my help - and he left with my phone. During the evening I was feeling bad about this whole thing, I even discussed with Manon, maybe I should have given the guy money so that he could buy the formula - I felt guilty. I let the guy into my house, I was telling myself come one Fred you have to trust people a little more - well not a guy with a baseball cap, with a turtle neck and a long black coat when it's 20 degrees out I guess. Anyway I called Rogers and suspended my phone number for the time being. I've been deceived, the guy's act was really well done, and now I'm thinking where the heck is this all going.

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