May 7, 2007

it's the little things : renting a car

Yesterday I was flying to SanJose, both flights were uneventful. The surprise came in when I went to rent my car at Hertz. The line up was huge, and slow. It's late, I have been in a plate cramped in an uncomfortable seat, so patience is not at the level it usually is. I waited for 50min to rent a darn car. Under staff counter will do that to you. On top of that two guys monopolized one attendant for the whole time I was in line, I couldn't believe it, then you have the preferred customers with there own line, who were cutting in my line, slowing things even further. It's the second time in two trips I end up stuck in a line to rent a car. Hertz is too popular for its own good. Next time it's going to be another company.

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