May 8, 2007


As you know from yesterday's post we are exhibiting but our booth has been misplaced. Matt and I brainstormed about what we were going to do, at the end of the day we need to make the best of it anyway. We're at the show, we're here to generate leads, yes a booth is a nice to have accessory to say the least in a world class show, but we don't have it. We thought of various things - first thing was can we get stuff printed overnight so that we can at least have panels in front of those wonderful pink drapes to say who we are and what we do. If we can't get that - what else can we do - creativity, and innovation is key here. We came up with a new elevator pitch. See Macadamian is about Jumping right in at any point in time for our clients, and one differentiation is that we can get in at the earliest of time in a software project - when what our clients have is an idea, a problem, a pain, a hint of what they would like to do - basically not a whole lot to go with - well we decided this is what our presence here is all about, our non existing booth at this show is about us showing our clients don't need to have much when they come to us - We will work from a brainwave with them up to a market ready product. In the end we did get to have good quality printing and panels made overnight and they come across nice. This ordeal has actually been a good thing - it has helped us "crystallize" even more what we're about and what our value proposition is to our prospective clients. As the chinese saying goes - even setbacks are hiding opportunities.

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