May 6, 2007

chicago airport

New part of terminal B or is it just that the california flights are now taking off from another gate? Anyhow it's the first time I get to see and experience the workstations around the terminal, it beats sitting on the floor to get the laptop juiced up! When you can find a spot that is. I was lucky enough for the last little while to score a spot with no wait. You can tell the difference between terminal B and C by the type of restaurants you find. B would then be for domestic flights - so you find the usual fast food restaurants and that's about it, the known brands. C is the international terminal, so you can find not necessarily better restaurants, but at least more type of foods, and darn place to sit! I guess International flights longer connections so they treat you to a food court style place to eat. The great thing about ottawa is that you get to fly out to all the hubs in the US, before going to where you want to go!

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