May 25, 2007

CGI and the lack of man power

It's good and bad to read the following story where according to CGI's Michael Roach, we don't have enough people here, and offshore's pricing is going up. Bad because we have failed at interesting more kids to enroll in engineering, good because it confirms what I have been talking about for a little while and why I'm volunteering to try to address the issue. I wonder how much effort CGI is putting into enrolling more kids in Universities for eng and cs programs. I was reading the same kind of story here at Eagles blog

On the flip side people/companies will have to look at offshore as an option to execute on their projects, not necessarily to save money. The options in Canada and the US are getting slimmer and slimmer as the years are going by. PEI University for example last year graduated 5 people in CS and Eng, you don't scale much with 5people across a province.

At Macadamian we've taken the road that a company must be global whatever its size, and a company has to go where the talent is. This is why we have our lab in Romania going through significant expansion.

When you do the math, India is 30X bigger than Canada, this means everything there - is a 30X factor. For every one man show company in Canada there are 30X30 people company in India, and the same thing in China. Yes our talent is scarce, but there are ways to get the job done - for us it's combination of our great crew here working hand in hand with other great people in other countries.

The way we work has changed over the years to work better within this distributed model. More and more companies are adopting this way of getting the job done, because they just have too much needs for the capabilities of the market. Yes it all started as a cost saving measure, it is still such for most, but over time it won't be anymore, it will be about getting the job done period.

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