May 18, 2007

Cell phone take II

Ok - now what do I know when something is stolen from you - one doesn't expect to have someone call you back to sell it back to you. Life is full of surprises. Sparing the details of who we got there, Wednesday night I get to speak to a guy who said bought my cell phone from someone, and now realizes it's a stolen item, or it's too complicated to use, or too pricey monthly for him - I can't say which one, because the story kept changing as the conversation went on. Any how the bottom line because he is a good Samaritan he wanted to return the phone to me for a finder's fee - you can't say sell back to me, because legally it's still mine I've been told. So the conversation hovers around how much etc, let me just say this is one pricy phone from my good Samaritan's stand point. He wanted me to go meet him as his house, apparently his, he had just moved in - so he didn't have a phone number, he was calling me from his friend's place. I didn't go - and I hear later on, because he called me back he wasn't there either. This is so convoluted - and at the same time it's so clear to me the two guys are in this together.

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Rafy said...

Interesting, looks like he needs you to step out of the house for a few hours. Time to test out the alarm.