April 1, 2007

Two recipes you can't not go for

Amazon.com: Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy: Books: Two recipes in this book you will love - lobster pasta, and hot chocolat fondant. The pasta - is very simple and so flavorful, if you're not allergic to sea food - you will love it. The hot chocolat fondat is one of those, you know a little cup cake that when you plant your fork in it you hot chocolate in starts melting out. It's just out of this world. I thought this was really hard to make, but he makes it really easy, 30min and your done, from start to finish. The one thing about Ramsay is that pretty much like all chefs at his level - they make use of a lot of butter in their recipes, because it has more flavor, but a three course meal will seriously make use of the butter one has in the fridge.

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