April 13, 2007

Sales Training

I was at a sales training yesterday, and it was a great investment of my time and people on my team. I got a lot out of it. I did have expectations to learn - but I also got to experience and respect better the sales job, even if I have been more or less doing some form of it for the last little while in my role at Macadamian. The instructor Terry Ledden is very energetic, great presenter, and is very good at getting his material across. My biggest take aways of the day
  1. there are two attitudes one can have - Plentiful and scarcity - Where you stand will dictate how you go about getting and closing business. You want to be a in a plentiful mindset because it will help you find and work on the deals that are ultimately better for everyone, you, your company, your customers. The scarcity mindset is more about trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.
  2. when selling one is not it in for approbation but to close business - now that I think about it, it sounds Glen Gary Glen Ross, "nice guy can't sell" kind of thing, but one can't answering questions right is not going to get you the deal, as such once can't live of being appreciated for answering the customers questions right.
I highly recommend!

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Beauclerc said...

I didnt get to attend but a colleague told me about the event and they said that...it was a really good event and the biggest thing they took away was the bit about trying to qualify your prospects very early in the game...and how this prevents the wasting of resources and time pursuing 'dead' leads...which I found pretty neat!