April 7, 2007

Last Thursday, we went to the Exclaim Spring Fling show here in Ottawa. It's a tour across canada, four bands and 4hrs of great music. I didn't know anything about both You Say Party! We Say die, and Chromeo, I was there for Malajube and DJ Champion. Malajube was a great treat - their tunes are full of life, and very much like life, with its change of tempo, beat, and sound. I like it, it's very original, the one down side is that even on their album it can be difficult to listen to the lyrics, so you can imagine that live, you have to forget about listening to the lyrics, and you enjoy the rest, lots of good and original music. The last but not least DJ Champion, he put up a great show, I got out of there I was soaking wet from jumping up and down, he really works the crowd. Unlike the other bands his show went on for over 90minutes. It's quite amazing to listen and watch - the strong beat, and the guitar rifts Champion puts together, then you have the amazing and powerful voice coming from BĂ©atrice Bonifassi, all in all A++. DJ Chamion has been touring for 2years with this show, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves as if it was the first few show - the energy level they put in it was through the roof.
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