March 26, 2007

Stranger than Fiction

I watched Stranger than fiction over the weekend, what a great movie. I knew it was about the main character hearing a voice, more precisely hearing the narrator. I had read about the original story in a magazine sometimes ago, then I saw the movie at Blockbuster, I was a little worried because Will Ferrel is the main character, and I'm not a big fan of him most of the times. He proved me wrong, he does a great job, and it's a very entertaining movie with an outside looking, outside looking out plot - the main character being aware is part of a grander thing, grander depending on who you talk to.

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Francis said...

I'm happy you enjoyed this movie. I saw it at the theater and I was also a little worried.

The movie is really good. Especially if you like to read novels. I was a little disappointed that they actually "fixed" the ending. Like the Dustin Hoffman character, I think that it would have been a much better story if the original ending had run its course.