March 30, 2007


I always think partnerships are two way streets. At Macadamian we even put this in the partners selection process. In our case it means yes we will get you business, but by selection you as a partner it means you will also get us business. Too often in the product development outsourcing business, or other outsourcing businesses - global partners are taking the stance, Macadamian go find the work and we have the team to execute it. Yes I need this back end capabilities to manage the peaks of our own global back end, but I expect more out of our partners, I expect them to bring us business as well. This reduces the potential partners out there by 99%, and brings only the best ones, most committed ones to the top. We've been working on this strategy for quite a long time. I'm very happy to say we're starting to see the strategy bearing fruits. Partners are not an expense - they are also a revenue stream, this is great. It's good for the trade balance!

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