March 23, 2007

India and the mee-too countries

India’s outsourcing success has 50 countries trying a me-too: "Despite the competition, India retains its position as the global off-shore leader, Karnik said adding that given China’s ambitions propped on advantages like better infrastructure and unbridled government support, the situation could change." Karnik is Nasscom's president, the organization in India about IT. Nasscom has a lot of clout and every one respects what they have achieved. They have foind a way to get the fearest competitors working together for India, to bring business to india. They have worked together to brand India as the destination of choice for IT outsourcing - and they've been very successful. They expect a lot of the executives who commit their time to the cause and it works. They have a lot of data on what is going on, and trends. They shape their industry to be competitive, and they shape the perception of the world has toward India with great success. Karnik has all the reasons in the world to be happy with their success - but they are still very much aware of their weaknesses - and the quote I have above is just that - a strong message to their own Indian government to get their act together to build the roads, and electricity power generation because India risks loosing out big. Here in canada instead of one advocacy group, we have many, and the two standing out are Itac and Cata . They both try to make their points to the government, in their own ways, and many times will take different slant on issues, but all in all it boils down to the same thing, and worse they divide the membership base, and ultimately do not carry the weight the industry in Canada needs. Nasscom is a success story we ought inspire ourselves from, to get out of the me-too countries the analysts are putting us in, because we stand out in very particular ways - someone has to tell the world.

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