February 9, 2007

PDO for india based CO vs NA based vs Global

There are big differences between the two. To us it's about delivering a project to meet a market window for our customers, we're flexible, we adapt, we jump right in! To them it is about long term engagements where they are part of the team, or team extension, with the least amount of selling as possible. I think this is explained by geography - the further away one is the less churn one can deal with to be profitable, stability is key. The closer to the client one is the more open and flexible, adaptive the day to day reality imposes on us. So we are what we are because of geography, but in addition to that there is a big variable one needs to keep in mind - capacity. The reason why companies that are global can and will be more successful in the PDO business is they can look for larger engagements. They have the capacity to do so when they access the global talent pool - companies that are strictly North American based are caught with a diminishing, aging and more expensive engineering population. PDO companies strictly NA based are going to specialize and become marginalized, companies that are strictly India based will not be part of the Innovation cycle of a product, and cut themselves out of great opportunities - successful companies must be Global, and it means more than sales presence in NA, it also means strong several strong back ends in emerging markets.

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