February 13, 2007

Need for User Experience - Human Factors

The human factor in gadget, News.com: "'Design is starting to change who succeeds and who fails,' said Alonso Vera, a senior research scientist at NASA Ames Research Center who's also a senior systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. This is another great validation of the business model we're putting in place at Macadamian. Putting the product one is developing in the context of the user, is more than having developers thinking like users. More and more not only users will not tolerate mediocrity, but share holders of companies are impatient for return on their investment. Did you ever ask yourself how much money you would pay any kind of products if the company you're buying it from didn't fail so many times with its other R&D investments. It would just be much much cheaper believe me. This is where the concept of reducing the failure rate borrowed from the Pharma industry comes into play in other industries as well. Companies should not only companies be looking at reducing the cost of developing the products, but they should bet the resources to create new ones on the right products. How so? Companies should be aiming at creating successful products successfully. This is where companies, or Innovation partners like Macadamian, with strong User Experience practice will get the competition to bite the dust. Consumers of the products of such companies will know that they will have little ramp up before becoming productive, be effective using them, task oriented vs features oriented. Companies producing such products will reduce the customer adoption curve, they will reduce their support cost, and they will sell more.

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